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Howdy. Partner?

I'm Jennifer, a writer and content strategist in Texas. The digital world is a lot like the wild west. It's noisy and competitive, with words, images, videos and "experiences" all competing for your customers' attention.

Are you all hat and no cattle with content that doesn't help your customers?

Are you riding the trail alone with no content team?

Do you enjoy cowboy metaphors?

If so, I'm your cowgirl.

Not my first rodeo.

Healthcare. Technology (especially SaaS and fintech). B2B. I have a knack for the complicated stuff — and making it seem simple.

There are great copywriters. There are great editorial writers. There are content strategists who turn data into insights that power really great content. I do all three of these things, and I do them really well.

Check out what I can do for you, and let's talk.